In case you missed it…(Volume 19.01)

If you missed Mass yesterday, or you are like me and busy wrangling kids during Mass that you miss a lot of what is said, here are a few links to help fill in the gaps. Note: this is not a substitution for actually going to Mass. Always make an effort to get there andContinue reading “In case you missed it…(Volume 19.01)”

November 2: All Souls Day

Today is All Souls Day, where we remember the Church Suffering, those who have died and are in Purgatory, waiting to be united with our Lord. All Souls Day was first celebrated during the tenth century, and eventually put on the Roman calendar in the 13th century.  Though praying for the dead is mentioned inContinue reading “November 2: All Souls Day”

November 1: All Saints Day

Today is All Saints Day, a day where we celebrate the Church Triumphant – all those who are in heaven with God, both formally recognized Saints by the church, and those unrecognized. All Saints Day was first established as a universal feast in the fourth century as the Feast of All Martyrs.  It was extendedContinue reading “November 1: All Saints Day”