November 1: All Saints Day

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Today is All Saints Day, a day where we celebrate the Church Triumphant – all those who are in heaven with God, both formally recognized Saints by the church, and those unrecognized.

All Saints Day was first established as a universal feast in the fourth century as the Feast of All Martyrs.  It was extended to celebrate All Saints in the eighth century and made a holy day of obligation in the ninth century.  Since this feast falls on a Friday this year, you are not required to abstain from meat or make an alternate sacrifice as is the usual practice for Fridays. Since it is a holy day of obligation, make sure you attend Mass today.

Ideas for Liturgical Living:

*Recite the Litany for All Saints and include the patron saints of your family.

*A cute video explaining All Saints Day to your kids.

*For discussion on the Mass readings for today: Solemnity of All Saints

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