Hi, I’m Katie and welcome to This Catholic Home!

A couple months ago, my sister emailed me an outline that was mostly geared towards families who homeschool.  It was for Advent 2018, and it included suggestions for families to live the season more liturgically and get the entire family involved.  I loved it, and told her to email me the outline should this author do another one this year. 

A few weeks later, I received a copy of the cookbook, Cooking with the Saints, which again, helped you celebrate saints’ feast days throughout the year with various recipes.  Then it hit me.  Between all the Catholic blogs I read, books I own, podcasts I listen to, and cookbooks and recipes I use…wouldn’t be great if this was all in one place, along with the Mass readings for the day, and which mysteries of the rosary we are supposed to pray that day?

That is how all of this got started.  I hope this helps you and your family inject a bit more liturgical living into your life every day.

God bless!

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